Good Earth had humble beginnings - a passion project for housewife Anita Lal, who simply wanted to sell high quality, beautifully designed everyday products, using natural materials and textures rooted in the cultural traditions of India and Asia. For nearly a decade, it was no more than a sophisticated high-end ‘Mom & Pop’ store, but an extremely succesful one.
The challenge
In 2004 Good Earth took a decision to ramp up production, expand their range and evolve into a brand with a much larger ambition; one which would allow it to scale up operations and transform into a luxury lifestyle chain.
Good Earth wanted to be a veritable treasure trove, teeming with sumptuous household products - just about everything you would ever want in your home. They approached rgd to partner them in realizing this goal.
There were numerous challenges for rgd; Translating a creative entrepreneurs dream into a robust brand position, identifying an essence and personality, and unifying all that Good Earth wanted to be, under one Brand Mark and language. A language that could straddle a diverse, evolving product line but most importantly, also remain relevant, extendable and easily usable by their in-house design team.
The brand unveiled its new Identity and philosophy at the launch of its flagship store in Mumbai. We had developed a strategic concept of a “Good Earth Universe”, that allowed for an expansive and inclusive design solution and, provided benchmarks for product curation.
Contrary to the norm - less is more, we embraced a slightly over the top design approach and created a Visual Identity that brought together the various influences and styles that collectively reflect the brand's product aesthectic.
The Good Earth Universe is a contemporary assemblage of motifs drawn from traditional Indian art and craft combined with patterns and forms seen in nature. The mark, which is at the centre of the universe is distinctive, hand drawn, quirky, with a certain whimsy and romance. A comprehensive directory of motifs along with suggested usages were also created.
The Mumbai flagship store was a huge success and became the template for all the Good Earth stores that followed. Good Earth has grown from a simple mom & pop store in 2 cities into a successful luxury retail chain with a pan India presence and stores in the international market.
"We got in touch with rgd 10 years ago to help us re-brand Good Earth. What amazed us about this assignment was not only the wonderful end product that they came up with, but the entire interaction through the whole process. They got into the depth of everything and made the time to understand the psychology of the brand, the company, the market, and had some great insights that helped in creating the logo and branding that we all loved. What sets rgd apart is the deep sense of ownership, their way of creating great dialogue and engagement, and thus a true understanding of the brand and the people behind the brand : This is what makes for a truly great partnership and excellent work." Simran Lal, CEO, Good Earth