When approached to redesign the Brand Identity for Crossword, the bookstore existed in three retail outlets only. The company was however looking to open stores nationally, and was keen to be in different retail formats, filling a need gap for a modern bookstore.
The Challenge
The brand had inherent weaknesses. An Identity that was cluttered and undifferentiated, with a store design that intimidated a large majority of Indians, whose habits did not include reading for leisure. Research also indicated that the store’s current customers were averse to browsing, and did not recall the brand or brandspace as a serious book lovers abode.
The Solution
rgd in collaboration with Alok Nanda & Company(ANC) took up the challenge head-on. The task involved strategies that would overhaul the way the brand looked and behaved, in-store and on the high-street. Creating a Mark that evoked the beauty of the printed word was the first step. Developing a visual language that was cheerful and uncomplicated for effective in-store usage and easy applications across different formats followed.
The Outcome
Today with over a 100 stores pan India, Crossword has reimagined the traditional bookstore into a cheerful community meeting space for people to browse, discuss, deliberate. Attend book readings or simply hang out.