Trinity Vintners is an emerging player in the Indian wine market. It launched its first product - Turning Point wines five years ago, and has since also launched JLT, a low cost wine for young adults.
Wine consumption is still not adopted at a mass level in India, however Sangria is emerging as a popular wine cocktail.
 Trinity Vintners leveraged this trend, creating India’s first ready-to-drink version, to tap into the young Indian adult drinker. The aim: to create an accessible and easy introduction to the taste of wine, with the vision of conversions into pure wine drinking.
Shifting the paradigm
rgd was approached to define the strategy and design the packaging. Our research indicated that young drinkers, particularly women were looking for something stronger than beer but milder than spirits; a trendy drink they could identify with.
Zeroing in on the high fashion trends and consumer consumption habits in the country, we decided to use flip-top pint bottles, with visually exciting skins and position the Sangria like a cool fashion accessory. Prompting the consumers to drink directly from the bottle - anytime, anyplace, and use conspicuously in social settings.
The packaging was a great success, winning awards and garnering unprecedented sales for the brand. Several thousand cases have sold through more than 1000 outlets in Maharashtra & Delhi NCR region.
"The stylish bottled sangria in two flavours makes it attractive and accessible to the youth!”
"Turning Point Sangria has the advantage of attractive packaging”, the wine and spirits consultancy
"rgd's packaging designs for TP Sangria is a treat. The portability of the bottle, the rich and extremely potent graphic skin has taken wine cocktails, to a more youthful, relaxed space, contributing greatly to its success. Young people are flaunting it to their peers and re-using the bottles." Ashwin Deo, Founder/CEO, Trinity Vintners