Teach For India (TFI) is a non-profit organisation started by Shaheen Mistri. A part of the Teach For All global movement, it was conceived to diminish the educational inequity in the country.
Designed as a two-part strategy, the programme works to effect long-term change with scale, by building leaders and advocates of a better classroom. Through its two year Fellowship program, TFI recruits the best and brightest graduates and working professionals to serve as full-time teachers in low-income schools. Trained and supported by the TFI staff, the Fellows work to bridge the educational gaps the students face, with the hope of putting them on a fundamentally different life path.
After two years of the Fellowship, the Fellows become a part of an alumni movement. The aim of this movement is for the alumni to work from inside and outside the educational system to affect the long-term changes necessary to realize educational opportunity for all.
We were engaged to develop brand and communication design for the launch of this challenging but brilliant programme. After crystalising the long-term aim - redefining India’s potential, via the classroom and the boardroom, we developed a simple core proposition, "redrawing India". This referenced the totality of purpose, that better minds will together create a better India.
Teach For India is currently in seven cities. impacting 38,000 children through 1100 Fellows, 200 staff members and 1050 alumni.