The Indian music industry has traditionally meant film music. 9 years ago, a brave new venture set out to literally create the live contemporary music industry in Mumbai. blueFrog was a club that was slated to attract a glittering army of the world’s finest musicians, the best live acts in the country, and provide a space and a platform for all music lovers.
The client team approached us with a club mark, and with a brief to design marketing collaterals for the club. Our intent however was to give them that and more. We set out to take the mark and transform it into a Mumbai icon. And we did!
Creating Currency
From simple ideas of a blueFrog stamp, to Escher like coasters, frog warts on the menus, a large acrylic frog at the entrance, - this frog walked, crawled its way into any media or touchpoint available. Our cash boxes and matchboxes were such a success that we were reproducing them constantly, as clients decided take them home!
Needless to say the brand was considered a game changer dividing India’s live music scene into two eras, before blueFrog and after blueFrog.