blueFrog, Mumbai’s premier live music performance space, had evolved into a brand to be reckoned with. On the eve of their 5th anniversary, the team approached us to create a distinctive birthday give-away that would capture the phenomena of the club, and document their incredible journey.
We decided to create a book, which in one’s hands feels like one is holding the chaos, the detail, the meticulous craft, the art and ecstasy of the club between its covers. It needed to be everything and yet just one thing.
The Solution
Without any apparent structure, the design was configured to allow the reader to walk through the club’s history, wandering through alleys and by-lanes, thus pulling together the diverse data with spontaneity and context. Creating a product that is varied, rich and pulsating.
The Outcome
The blueFrog Book as it is now fondly called, was gifted to their stake holders during their anniversary celebrations. The book met with great acclaim, and apart from showcasing the brands journey, iterated its cultural import and its widespread reach in popular youth culture. It led to other megabrands like Coke Studio and The Comedy Store looking to be based out of blueFrog, and became a venue for scores of design, art and photography pop ups.
"rgd's life insights are what makes the difference in their approach to design - good design can only come
from understanding and feeling the whole world and all it's parts, and exposure to this is what pushes boundaries."
Srila Chatterjee, Co-Founder, Blue Frog Integrated Music & Media Project