On 26/11/2008, ten armed terrorists held the city of Mumbai to ransom for 36 hours, killing over 160 people, wreaking havoc and fear, and destroying parts of the city.
The city was outraged. The government had failed to anticipate the attacks, they were tardy in their response and disaster management, and exhibited a complete lack of leadership and governance.
People were scared and emotionally disturbed. Minority communities were being marginalized, and this devastating tragedy was further exacerbated by divisive politics and irresponsible media coverage, fanning a potentially explosive situation.
A group of concerned citizens got together to devise corrective strategies. Action plans were drawn up to address the different sections of the society with relevant messages and activation, and amongst these, a communication package was initiated to address the youth and kids. The messages to be communicated were: Secularism is our foundation/ Non Violence our heritage/ Be responsible with what you communicate and finally know that the responsibility of this tragedy rests on the shoulders of our elected officials, and no other.
rgd designed a set of posters, postcards and t-shirts. Partnered by the Industry, and supported by leading corporates, we produced over 10,000 sets. These were distributed by non-profits like Salaam Baalak, Khoj and other interested groups in schools, colleges, social spaces, public meetings and events across the city.