Magic Bus, was founded in 1999, with the aim of nurturing underprivileged children. Taking them from a childhood full of challenges into a life with a meaningful livelihood.
Magic Bus uses sporting activities as metaphors to change behavior in the areas of education, health, gender and livelihood. They work with mentors and child support structures within communities, creating engagement programs that enable young people to move from poverty, and develop into young adults with greater control and choice.
Their approach mobilizes the entire eco-system available to the child or youth to create transformational change.
The Brief
Magic Bus approached rgd to partner them in articulating their vision, mission, positioning and, help create a guiding philosophy and set of values. The initiative was to help re-align goals, streamline communication, and increase funding as they embarked on a drive to expand their outreach.
rgd conducted extensive research amongst all key internal and external stakeholders, through one-on ones, workshops and team sessions as phase one of the exercise. The imperative - any new thinking had to be an evolution of the company’s founding ideals, with internal buy-in at every stage. To give more leverage to Magic Bus’ original goal, the core team created a central idea based on change and destiny; the basis for the vision, positioning and overarching message which led to the evocative baseline: ‘Taking a million from childhood to livelihood’.
Following through, the team felt the Brand Mark needed to be realigned to fit the new central idea. The red bus was a memorable and strong mnemonic and carried saliency, however research had identified a lack of seriousness and formality.
rgd relooked at the type design to add formality. Two hand drawn encircling arcs were added to serve as metaphors for mentor and child on a journey together, and the unit was placed within a strong yellow circle to communicate a robust and secure eco-system. The baseline was positioned in close proximity to help communicate the company’s raison d’etre.
The revised Brand Mark was accompanied by a well-defined visual language. Internal communication was designed to roll out the Brand Mark and introduce the freshly articulated vision and values.
The new positioning and brand makeover resonated first internally. External audiences soon became clear about Magic Bus’ intent, facilitating partnerships. The Programs have exceeded all expectations on funding and the number of children they support. Today their programs in 22 Indian states cover 450,000 children. The Indian model is now being exported to Myanmar, Singapore. Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Indonesia.
"I find rgd’s sensibility, commitment and really importantly their ability to broker and retain relationships really good. The commitment to get things right is fantastic. The inspiration/ perspiration balance is excellent. We went through a thorough process of interviews and workshops to understand what we should talk about and communicate. This led to
 a relook at the logo, our website and our physical collateral based on rgd’s recommendations." Matthew Spacie, Chairman, Magic Bus