In 2013, a music composer and a sound engineer had the vision to open a school for contemporary music in Mumbai. The idea was to take music education and training to the next level and give musically inclined youth, musicians and technicians the necessary skills to become career-ready.
The vision was to create a space for learning, build a community and culture around music and its related fields. The founders wanted rgd to develop a brand position and Identity that matched, emphasizing that this was more than a school. The brand visualisation needed to excite students, engage parents, align faculty and industry partners and connect with the global music industry.
Our primary challenge was to address the diversity of audiences, and position the school as a professional body with serious intent, but with a multi-faceted contemporary approach. We developed a brand positioning that focussed on the school’s personality and dynamic, forward thinking attitude, but also most importantly on what the school really promised every young entrant, a chance to succeed, a promise to be “Switched On”.
Creating engagement
Our design strategy kicked off with a key brand insight, to short hand the school name; essential to making it currency in today’s short messaging world.
The Brand Mark and Visual Language was designed for modular use; communicating the solidity and gravitas of an educational institute when required, but also celebrating youth and music when necessary.
The circle - the chosen brand form was the mainstay of the brand architecture for TSM; becoming the link between the different offerings of the school, and changing colours across programmes. Its dynamic patterns within the visual language, borrow from an equalizer display, and reflect the high energy of the brand, the diversity of students and community; and cue amplification and growth.
A simple Brand Mark supported by a dynamic language, created a very strong visual salience and extended itself across the real and virtual. Worked to create a dramatic environment within the school, and was effortlessly transported to college fairs, industry events and music venues.
TSM is a runaway success, and now in its third year has crossed the 1000 student milestone and is attracting guest faculty and tie-ups from Europe, America and Japan.
“rgd has 2 incredible abilities. The first is their ability to understand a client’s needs and the second is the immaculate execution of that sensibility into design that really represents the brand and lasts forever. I have personally seen this happen for Bluefrog, my albums, my website and of course all their fantastic work at The True School of Music.” Ashu Phatak, Music Composer Co-Founder, The True School of Music (TSM) Co-Founder