M&C Saatchi Direct & Digital was changing ownership in its Mumbai operations, and the new management approached rgd to design it’s new Identity. The team approached us with a name. However going through the company’s profile and desired objectives we realised that additional thinking was required, and that the given name was perhaps not the best fit.
rgd and the management team together worked out a document that helped clarify the brands direction and core proposition, based on its vision, values and key differentiators. This process resulted in a new name, a better articulated narrative, and more pertinent design and communication.
"The process of creating our identity was approached in such an insightful, strategic and dare I say, a provocative manner that just the mere act of answering rgd’s questions honestly prompted us to rethink our name! The process challenged us to examine our own thoughts and question our assumptions, and it certainly resulted in a name that has a story around it and a design that we are very proud of." Sumantra Sengupta, CEO pi communications