The Kala Ghoda Festival is a celebration of the arts within a historic precinct of Mumbai, the Kala Ghoda Arts District. In 2001, the Kala Ghoda Association decided to brand the event formally, and rgd was approached to create the Identity and collateral for this popular event.
The Design Solution
Primarily a street festival, our intent was to evoke celebration, and we looked for inspiration from our local fairs.
The four vital elements of the festival: the fine arts, the performing arts, the people, and the heritage precinct were symbolised as distinct corners of a graphic pinwheel whilst the central circular brushstroke incorporated the associations roundel. This brought dynamic form, and created a visual mnemonic that was steeped in associations of fun and festivity.
Vibrant colours, illustrative images of dance, music, art and architecture were juxtaposed with strong type to form a visual canvas that communicated the essence of the festival. The bold graphics stood apart from the brownstone buildings, giving the crowded streets a feeling of celebration and identity.